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As a Registered Dietitian, evidenced-based practice and science have built the foundation for my nutrition philosophy. My intrinsic interest in fitness and exercise guided me to become a Certified Personal Trainer and, ultimately, obtain my Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition.  Pursuit of an even deeper understanding of exercise pushed me to obtain my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) to further help my clients reach their goals. Pairing my knowledge of human movement with my passion for nutrition has given me drive and purpose. It is with joy and excitement that I share my love and expertise about nutrition and health to optimize your goals and lifestyle.

Healthy Bowl


In my one-on-one virtual nutrition coaching, we work as a team to reach your body composition and health goals while transforming your relationship with food for results that last! With my proven 4-phase approach, customized to meet you where you are, I help you learn how to fuel your body while creating lasting habits that fit with your lifestyle. Having me as your coach means that I will provide you with all my knowledge, guidance, and accountability to help you achieve and maintain your goals without feeling restricted or the need to sacrifice your favorite foods.

Healthy Bowl


What They Say


"She is very knowledgeable and also a wonderful coach. She helps get through the mental hurdles and provides great guidance when you are coming across a challenge."


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"Zoe makes customized plans based upon the individual and is created just for you. Zoe provides emotional support along with her knowledge and experience and in my opinion that’s what is different about her program."


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"I have lost almost 90 pounds since I first started working with Zoë. No gimmicks, no fads, no medications. Just good old fashion knowledge. How foods work, good habits , and good encouragement."


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"Zoe is the most wonderful and supportive person ever that will work with you through every struggle you may face."


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"I've gained the knowledge and confidence I need to figure out my nutrition and achieve my goals.  If someone was interested in joining this program, I would definitely encourage them!"



 "Over the course of 12 weeks, my husband and I learned so much from Zoe about food, nutrition, portion sizes... As elementary as it sounds, we learned how to eat healthy! She taught us how to make subtle changes to the foods we buy, how to read a nutrition label, and even gave us some delicious and healthy recipes that we could make at home."



"The extraordinary thing about Zoë Schroeder is that she takes all the knowledge she has acquired, shares it with you and then breaks it down into actionable, manageable tasks. The outcome is tangible results."

Rita H


"Zoe changed my whole outlook on food. Sure we discussed the main food groups but in a way to construct my meals. She taught me how to read grocery labels, what to look for and what to stay clear of. I'm eating things I never thought I would -- and loving it!"

Rita R

“I’ve changed the way I eat for life. I created healthy habits and now take time for me. Zoë is an amazingly smart young woman.  Her knowledge is incredible.  She has been so helpful and a positive step for me!”



A Personal Approach







Do you have a group that would benefit from a nutrition seminar? I am available for local in-person or virtual talks, this is a wonderful way to provide nutrition information in an approachable way for a variety of groups from gym members to corporate wellness events, with topics ranging from basic nutrition, to weight loss and performance nutrition.  Contact me with your inquiry to discuss specific event details!





As a credentialed provider, I am grateful to be partnered with Thorne, the best of the best in the supplement industry in terms of quality ingredients, clinical staff conducting research studies, and most importantly, highest level of 3rd party testing and certifications, which ensures safety, purity, and efficacy for their products. Thorne is the official partner for all professional sports associations, UFC, Olympics, Crossfit Games, etc. So this partnership is very exciting because most people, myself included, take some sort of supplement regularly anyway, and I am able to offer these high quality supplements at a 20% discount and free shipping when you use my direct online dispensary link!



Join my FREE Facebook group! It is a special space for my previous and current clients, along with other like-minded individuals focusing on improving their nutrition and achieving their goals. I host exclusive live video trainings, hold challenges, answer member questions, and promote that tight-knit community feeling of support and accountability. Looking forward to having you!





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