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"She is very knowledgeable and also a wonderful coach. She helps get through the mental hurdles and provides great guidance when you are coming across a challenge."


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"Zoe makes customized plans based upon the individual and is created just for you. Zoe provides emotional support along with her knowledge and experience and in my opinion that’s what is different about her program."


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"I have lost almost 90 pounds since I first started working with Zoë. No gimmicks, no fads, no medications. Just good old fashion knowledge. How foods work, good habits , and good encouragement."


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"Zoe is the most wonderful and supportive person ever that will work with you through every struggle you may face."


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"I've gained the knowledge and confidence I need to figure out my nutrition and achieve my goals.  If someone was interested in joining this program, I would definitely encourage them!"



 "Over the course of 12 weeks, my husband and I learned so much from Zoe about food, nutrition, portion sizes... As elementary as it sounds, we learned how to eat healthy! She taught us how to make subtle changes to the foods we buy, how to read a nutrition label, and even gave us some delicious and healthy recipes that we could make at home."



"The extraordinary thing about Zoë Schroeder is that she takes all the knowledge she has acquired, shares it with you and then breaks it down into actionable, manageable tasks. The outcome is tangible results."

Rita H


"Zoe changed my whole outlook on food. Sure we discussed the main food groups but in a way to construct my meals. She taught me how to read grocery labels, what to look for and what to stay clear of. I'm eating things I never thought I would -- and loving it!"

Rita R

“I’ve changed the way I eat for life. I created healthy habits and now take time for me. Zoë is an amazingly smart young woman.  Her knowledge is incredible.  She has been so helpful and a positive step for me!”


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“It can be life changing if you are willing to show up for yourself.”

"I have seen an amazing improvement with my body composition and strength. My prep for competition was easier to built strength through because I was eating appropriately and fueling my muscles with what they had been lacking because of the help and knowledge Zoe provided to my fitness journey."

"Prior to meeting Zoë, I was trying fad diets that I knew weren’t good for me. I didn’t really understand HOW to eat much less WHAT to eat. Her knowledge, education, and experience are second to none. She’s a professional and a great dietitian."




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"Her expertise and support was exactly what I needed to regain the nutrition I needed and help me understand the correct way to fuel my body.  Her upbeat personality, education, motivation and plan to constantly move forward, helped me develop a healthy relationship with food and no longer look for the right diet. It is so freeing to eat intuitively now and enjoy all kinds of food.  I love that I can rely on myself through the knowledge Zoe has given me, to make food choices that my body needs and I will enjoy.

"Zoë was amazing. She stayed super positive, celebrated every win big or small, and answered every question I threw at her. Now, [I am] celebrating wins and not letting myself get defeated by slip ups"

"I have more energy I feel better about myself, and I learned how to fuel my body with the right foods. I lost 7 total inches and body fat! This is not another diet!  Zoe is very knowledgeable, and helped me to eat the right foods to help me burn fat and have more energy."





"Before starting, I would eat so little because I thought it would help me be “skinny” when in reality I was just killing my metabolism and making my body very unhealthy.

Within a short two months of working out at a HIIT gym, I gained 4.5lbs of muscle and my booty grew 2 inches! I was starting to see definition in my stomach and I was actually eating!"



"Before starting nutrition coaching, I kept gaining weight, I kept feeling sluggish and no matter how much I was working out, I just didn't feel good in my body.

After working with Zoë, I have a much healthier relationship with food than I think I've ever had before. I know I am allowed to live my life with the food I enjoy without feeling like I failed."


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"Before starting the program, I felt like a zombie - wake up, go to work, come home, take a shower, eat dinner, and go to bed. The amount of stress and exhaustion was getting in the way of how I was taking care of myself. I felt tired, overwhelmed, and burnt out constantly. 

Now, I feel like a human again!! I know how to properly hydrate and meet my nutrition needs in a way that works with my busy life. I’ve started running again, I have energy again, and my relationship with food feels so much healthier and happier. I’ve lost a few inches, which is nice of course, but most of all I feel like I am becoming the healthiest version of myself."


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"I was morbidly obese, and was eating food that was convenient and fast. I felt very tired a lot of the time and also sad.

I have lost a total of 53 inches.

It is money very, very well spent because Zoe will guide you in turning around your current nutrition regimen. Incremental steps totally work!"

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"I was stuck in the same rut and routine that I had been in for years. I had given up hope that I could change my body composition.

I have gained the confidence to make myself a priority and the skills to maintain any habits I built. I lost several pounds but also saw a shift in my body composition!"


"I have tried different programs like WW and Nurisystem and always gained weight back in when I stopped the program.

I decided to coach with Zoe so I can learn the correct foods to eat for my body. Now I know what to eat and why."




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“My energy level has skyrocketed!!! I have a much better understanding of nutrition and what my body needs to work efficiently.

I am no longer hungry!

She was encouraging, motivating and was full of new ideas and suggestions for making life changes!“

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"I wanted to do a body building show in the healthiest way possible. While I know it is an extreme sport, I was adamant about maintaining my health first and foremost.

I highly recommend Zoë to anyone who is wanting to jump start their goals and learn long time lasting results. I love that Zoe coaches everything regarding a lifestyle change and NOT a diet.”

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"I felt lost and overwhelmed. I looked into Keto and intermittent fasting - but I love food too much. None of the fad diets were something I knew I could do long term. And I want to be successful. After learning how to reverse diet as I was consuming WAY too little for the amount of output in my workouts, and getting the appropriate ratio of macro nutrients, I was finally able to push in my workouts and it feels amazing!”




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